Unit 1

Introduction to Environmental Science

Moodle Section 3 - Environmental Science Course Introduction

Essential Questions:

    • What does it mean to be green?
    • How do you define the environment?
    • What are the goals of environmental science?

Moodle Section 4 - Science and the Environment

Essential Questions:

    • What were the major environmental effects of hunter-gatherers, the agricultural revolution, and the Industrial Revolution?
    • How can we classify environmental problems into six major categories?
    • How can population pressures and consumption trends contribute to environmental problems?

Moodle Section 5 - Tools of Environmental Science

Essential Questions:

    • How do scientists use the scientific method to solve problems?
    • How do we use a decision-making model to make decisions about environmental issues?
    • What values are important in making decisions about the environment?

Moodle Section 6 - The Dynamic Earth

Essential Questions:

    • What are the three main layers of the Earth?
    • What is the rock cycle?
    • What are the parts of the hydrosphere?
    • What are the layers of the Atmosphere?