Technology Resources and Expectations

Computer Access Expectations

Being that this is an Environmental Science class we will be attempting to minimize our impact on the environment by using very little paper. Many assignments will be done entirely online this year. I realize that not everyone has an Internet connection at home. The following are my suggestions for completing work outside of class:
  1. Home Computer
  2. Use your study hall time wisely
  3. Come to school early or stay late to use the wifi
  4. Visit our local Guthrie Memorial Library
  5. Visit a friends house to use their wifi
  6. Many area businesses offer free Internet

Google Apps

Hanover High School provides you with your own Google Apps account. This account will be used to share files, work collaboratively, communicate with each other, and manage the class in a nearly paperless environment. You will be expected to access your account frequently. Go to the apps menu on your chromebook and click Google Drive. Below is a quick overview of what is available in your account.  

Email - Primarily used for communication within the district. The built in address book gives you easy access to communicate with anyone in our school!

Docs - Access to word, excel, and powerpoint like applications. You can sign in and update them from any computer on the internet. You also have the ability to share your work and collaborate with other students in real time regardless of location. 

Calendar - This provides some interesting possibilities. No suggestions for its use at this time.  

Sites - Easily create websites.

Google+ - Real time collaboration and file sharing.   
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