CFF and Communication

CFF and Communication Explained

Classroom For the Future: 


In the spring of the 2008 – 2009 school year we received our first Classroom For the Future (CFF) grant in the high school.  This grant has provided us with new technologies to use in the science classrooms.  This year all students in the biological and environmental sciences will have access to these technologies for the entire year.  They include an interactive white board, digital cameras, digital video cameras, special software, and a mobile laptop cart with wireless Internet access.  The use of this equipment allows students the ability to make use of the resources they can expect to find in their future endeavors after graduating from high school.  The classroom for the future technology encourages cooperative learning, product orientated assessments, and higher level thinking skills for our students.   




Communication between parents, students, and teachers is a key factor in a student’s success while in school.  An additional benefit of the CFF classroom, and the technology based society our students are growing up in, is the ability to establish real time communication and immediate access to information for parents.  We have three programs, which are explained in more detail below, to aid us in establishing communication this year.  By using these resources, students and parents, will have access not only to student grades, but also most class materials.   




This is the Hanover Public School District’s grading system.  You may login to this system and view your student’s grades and attendance history.  Parent log in codes can be obtained from the high school office.




Moodle is an online classroom management software system.  It can be accessed online at  Using Moodle you will be able to view most notes, PowerPoints, handouts, labs, projects, and other resources our students will need to be successful.  The following are some benefits we see to this setup: 

  1. Absent students can check moodle to see if the assignment being done in class can be completed at home.   
  2. Students that have lost or forgot to bring an assignment home with them can print a new copy off of moodle. 
  3. Class information can be reviewed at home prior to a test. 
  4. Students can turn selected assignments in online from home.   
  5. Parents can view student work turned in on moodle.   


I will be tweeting updates about class from @hanoverscience on twitter.  Posting class updates to Twitter automatically updates my classroom Facebook page, my Education Page, and Moodle.  Parents and students can follow me on Twitter or check out the updates in any of the other places.  

Outside the Classroom


This year there will be many times where assignments will be turned in online using Moodle.  We realize that not all students have a home computer available for them to use when completing assignments.  There will also be cases in which their home computer does not have the software necessary or an Internet connection.  Below are various 

alternative means for them to complete assignments outside of school: 

  1. If students are working on an assignment and do not have the needed software at home they will have the opportunity to sign out a school laptop for the evening.  Provided the parental consent form has been signed and teacher permission has been given.   
  2. School laptops have wireless capabilities and will connect to the Internet where Wi-Fi hotspots are available.  Local establishments like the public library, Reader’s Café, and Panera Bread offer this service.   
  3. In addition all students are encouraged to use Hanover’s beautiful Guthrie Memorial Library downtown.  The Library offers computers, Internet, and a host of research materials and aids.